Straight Cut Tree Services




Tree removal can range from a single cut to fell a whole tree, to assistance of a crane. As no two tree removals are the same, our approach will be uniquely crafted to your needs. Call Straight Cut Tree Service for a free estimate.



Pruning a tree is an excellent way to maintain its health, eliminate potential hazards, and increase its stability and longevity for many years to come. Pruning can also provide structural improvement.

Dead Wooding


Dead Wooding is where branches or limbs die off within a tree and can either break off or become vulnerable. These limbs can then fall over time or during periods of high winds and storms. If dead limbs are left, they will affect the overall health of the tree as rot can set in and spread to healthy areas. This can eventually lead to fungus issues and further damage, rendering the tree beyond help. 

Stump Removal


You or a previous homeowner might have had a tree cut down, but left the stump for whatever reason. Now, you’re left with an unattractive obstacle on your property with no way of removing it with run-of-the-mill household tools. Let Straight Cut Tree Service handle it! We tackle tree stump removal jobs of all kinds, no matter how big or how small. With one call, you can have that stump gone in no time! 

Cabling and Bracing


Trees can grow in such a manner that their physical structure can no longer support their own weight. This is particularly common in mature multi-trunked trees and trees with open canopies. Failure of a large branch or trunk can result in property damage, personal injury, or the decline of a tree’s health. Cables and bracing rods are tools arborists use to protect or improve the structural integrity of trees. 

Plant Health Care


Tree service professionals are also called “tree surgeons.” Do you know why? Because plants, like any other living thing, can be wounded when not treated with the proper care. Wounds can lead to infections and infestations, injuring or even killing the largest, oldest trees. At Straight Cut Tree Service, it’s our passion to make sure that doesn’t happen. 


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